Miembro del Observatorio

Hania Angelina

Incubator manager, Airbus Defence and Space

I am Industrial Engineer ( in Electronics & Automatic Control Engineering) by UPM (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid).

I started to work in Airbus (Spain) in 2003, as a test engineer. First, testing the electrical system of the A400M and some years after that, driving the electrical rig tests for the Eurofighter.

 After 7 years working on that domain, I changed my role to the MRTT program (Multi Role Tanker Transport).

I was leading the technical development of the Flight Control Stick, and after 4 years, I took a new position as head of integration in AAR (Air to Air Refuelling). During this time, I was performing a technical management to control and follow up the MRTT Programs and activities of the AAR Centre of Competence. At that time, I was leading an innovative project called “The automatic AAR”. Starting from scratch, the project achieved its first major objective with the operational evaluation in the MRTT simulator. From that moment, our challenge was to go one step further and to do the first flight tests, using a synthetic receiver. One year later, the team finished with the most important challenge, to operate the AAR system in automatic way, using a real receiver (F-16).

 Finally, I had got my current position as Incubator manager (Germany) in Airbus Defence and Space. My main mission is to speed up projects by providing some services and building the right connections with the potential customers and with the transversal functions of Airbus DS.

 Additionally to my career in Airbus, I was associated professor during 6 years in the Electronic Technology Dpt of Carlos III University (Madrid), and currently I am contributing as a professor in the Master MASI (Master in Aircraft System Integration).